image snorkeling deep
Snorkeling near the bottom. Notice the Whip Kick - straight in-line with one leg and back and towards your head with the other.

Whip Into Shape

MISSION: The original impulse for Whip Fins™ came from the desire for greater propulsion using our natural whipping legs with less energy loss. After years of artistic interpretations of the best ocean-going predators’ fins, Whip Fins™ went through biomimetic engineering, testing, more research, and more testing and development. Whip Fins™ wisely work using our biomechanics strengths and skills adapted to the best whipping fin designs from nature. They move us strongly, and efficiently with our natural whipping movements. Be wise, strong and efficient.

BACKGROUND: Close study of the best swimmers at the National Aquarium, the sharks, fishes, and dolphins, inspired wing shaped fins. The exceptional similarity between a dolphin fluke cat-scan cross-section and the wing with the best lift and lowest drag cross-section was impressive, but perhaps only coincidental. The first Whip Fins™ produced was Mor-fins™ with the second called Delfins™, and the third generation called Power Delfins™ or Predator Power fins™. An objective scientific test proved that Whip Fins™ worked substantially better with lower legs relaxed for whipping, and thus they are called Whip Fins™.

FUTURE: Although our initial mission involved making improved diving, swimming, snorkeling, and surfing fins, the mission has branched out to include biomechanics and kinesiology of the human body. Understanding the value of modeling and conceiving the movement of the human body as a series of whips working with our torsos should help us all perform better in all sports and exercise for every purpose. More research will be undertaken in the fields of kinesiology and biomechanics as well as further research in the development, production and sales of better fins. We want to help the world whip into shape.