Frequently Asked Questions


We will try to answer questions that are frequently asked in the FAQ list below. If you do not find your question below or have additional questions about the answers below, please contact us with the form found on this page.

You can use any type of kicking that you use with any other fins, but the best way to use Whip Fins is with the whipping action that you use when walking or running. This means that you will keep your ankles relaxed and bent like you do when you walk. When you pull your leg back as in walking, your knee bends and your heel comes up. Then, you straighten your leg by pushing your heel down away from your body. This kind of walking/whipping motion works best. You never kick your leg in front of your body as you do with other kicking styles.
You should try to keep your ankles loosely bent in order to feel the water pushing against the bottom of the fins as much as possible. This is relatively easy as you push the bottom of your foot back and then up. It is a little more tricky as you push your heel down to straighten your leg in line with your body. Concentrate on pushing down with the bottom of your foot instead of trying to lift the top of your foot forward. This will make the fins perform better, and it takes less energy at the same time. More power and more efficiency makes this technique worth it, and it is similar to the way you swing your leg when you walk.
Whip Fins are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase from all manufacturing defects (unless used as rental fins). Defective Whip Fins can be returned with a description of the defect and proof of purchase to an address obtained by contacting Morfin Corp by email or by a toll free call in the US, 1-877-855-FINS (3467) (or by calling 01-301-870-8708 from outside the US). When found to be defective, all Whip Fins will be replaced at our expense under the current warranty with shipping paid by the customer.
Yes, they work well including reverse frog kicks. They work best when the legs are straightened together and then rotated out to each side like propeller blades as the knees are bent and the feet brought back together behind your body. We have video of this type of kicks for a better explanation.
Whip fins excel in currents because of their sleek design that channels the flow of water to help produce propulsion from the moving water. Try to reduce your drag profile as much as possible in currents by keeping your legs and arms close to your body. It is often easier to reduce the size of your whip kick and increase your frequency as fish do when swimming against a current. If you are moving against a cross current, simply angle your foot so that your heels are facing the current. This will alter your course to keep you in line with your target and keep you from drifting down stream from the current. Try it.
Because they excellent at handling currents, because they are highly efficient, because they cruise easily or shift into power as needed, they excel at cave diving needs. These fins are soon to be tested by a number of cave diving experts, and the results will be posted here as soon as they come in.
Because these fins use our natural strengths, anyone who can walk or run at any level can benefit from using these fins in the water. Whether you are recuperating from injuries or you are a top level tec or navy diver, these fins will efficiently produce the power needed to get the job done while providing the highest level of efficiency. In the same way that you can casually use your body to stroll along, or stride out at high pace or sprint, these fins provide excellent performance in every condition because they use the whipping power of your body to whip you along in the water. Because the best way to use the fins is the best way for us to walk, there is no long learning curve or muscles development necessary for anyone. Because water provides a basically gravity free environment, you can cruise almost effortlessly when you want to cruise. When power is needed, torque your torso to crest whip waves that will travel down through your relaxed lower legs to whip the fins into impressive action with less effort than any other fins.
Up to four pairs of Whip Fins can fit into a single carry-on suitcase. They work hard, but do not take up much room or weight.