image Jo Ann of Ocean Sports With Early Whip Fins
Joann Sawyer of Ocean Sports With Early Version of Whip Fins™

Whip Fins™ Customer Reviews

From Joann Sawyer, OCEAN SPORTS, Dunedin, FL "I thought this will never work in our shop. We are on the west coast of Florida with divers that like to spear fish and these fins look like a swim fin instead of a scuba fin. I agreed to try the fins when I took a group of divers to the Florida Keys. I loved them. I had so much fun wearing them and never had trouble with power or leg cramps. They also helped me on the boat. I can actually walk over and help students with the fins on my feet! Usually everyone is stepping and tripping over all the long fins, I was comfortable and in control. **They fit in my bag so easily** and are a great way to start a conversation. . . I am so glad that I gave them a try!" (Joann was one of our first customers, and a convert from traditional dive fins.)
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From Doug Corbin, OWSI, Shaka Divers, Maui, Hawaii "I love my American Mor-Fins. They absolutely ROCK! I've tried many brands and types of fins over the last 26 years and I've never kicked anything so smooth and light. These make diving as 'easy as walking on land'. Very minimal resistance and really good forward thrust.** The New American Delfins don't put any strain on your ankles. They are light weight and efficient. The new ‘No Hassle Strap Design’ really is just what it says it is too… Easy to adjust and they don't get all hung up in my dive flag line." (All of the fins that we have made are now called Whip Fins. The American Mor-Fins are an earlier model. Our latest review critiques our latest fins and gives us our best rating yet.)
From Jacqui Quan, OWSI, World-Wide "After taking them on my first test dive in South Florida , I could immediately feel the difference of what these fins had to offer. Over the past two years I have dove with these fins across the globe, from the South Pacific Ocean to the Western Caribbean Sea and they are the most comfortable piece of equipment I own. As an avid scuba instructor and free diver, I know the importance of being comfortable underwater. With that in mind, I choose only to dive with the best equipment and recommend to my friends and students the highest quality fin for comfort, stamina and maneuverability. Whether I am free diving for fish, teaching scuba diving to students, snorkeling for leisure, or swimming with whale sharks, one thing is for sure, that I will be wearing my Mor-Fins. I love these fins!" (Mor-Fins were the first Whip Fins.)
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From Bob "Wanted to give you an update on the performance of my 2 year old Delfin (an early version of Whip Fins). At the time of purchase I was in the market for a light-weight fin for travel that could provide me with the power required when swimming against currents. My first attempt at this failed when I purchased a brand that boasted of 'more thrust with less kick'. While diving in Costa Rica my wife and I encountered a very strong current. When we went to retreat into a large crevice I could not get any power and had to hold onto the top of her tank to reach our destination.
After purchasing the Delfin we encountered another strong current while attempting to enter the Washing Machine in the Exuma Islands, the Bahamas. It is done during the tide change that causes excessive amounts of water to run through a small channel. To enter the channel a strong swim is required against a ripping current. When we entered the water my wife had the same fins that she used in Costa Rica. To my surprise she made little headway toward the entrance of the dive. I had to grab her hand and pull her into the entrance of the channel.
I didn't even think of the fins till we were back on the boat and someone commented on the strange design of my fins. They were behind me during the swim to the entrance of the dive.
Thanks for creating a great fin.
From Jamie Watts, World Traveling Biologist "Had a chance to do a rather subjective test / testimonial of the fins - Elphinstone - an isolated deep reef notorious for currents - the divemaster dropped us in blue water and we dropped down to 130 feet over the deep plateau. Unfortunately the current was going the wrong way, pushing us away from the shallow portion of the reef and over deep water.
I started swimming toward the shallower portion, making steady and pretty easy headway against the current. However, I had to keep stopping, as the others in the group could not make any headway. This included the divemaster, a much fitter bloke than myself with big freedive fins. We all ended up drifting and putting up a buoy, swept way off the reef. Really frustrating for me - a real case of what would have been an easy dive if only everyone else had been in predator power fins."
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From Erin Blevins “Hi! I'm Erin, a biology graduate student in a major University in the Northeast... I wanted to let you know that we had a blast trying out the sample Delfins you sent us! It was a rigorous day of science at the attached. In terms of effort and especially comfort, the black & yellow Delfins blew our "traditional" long scuba fins out of the water--no pun intended.”
Review from Snorkeling.Info, “Whatever the science behind them, there is definitely a difference between standard fins and these fins. It is hard to describe, but they are just easier to use - it feels like less work to move through the water, and you can move with very small kicks. We also found the fins extremely comfortable. To give you an idea of our satisfaction with these fins, we ended up buying the pair we tested.” For the complete review see review
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From Charles L. “I have had my Delfin fins for several years and I have to say they are the best.  My previous pair of fins were heavy and exhausting on longer snorkeling trips.  The Delfin by contrast is so light weight that they seem truly to be one with my feet.  When snorkeling over a reef, I use them to gently change position without startling the fish, yet when I need to change position in a hurry, or swim against a current I can count on them to deliver the power without much effort.  I also like the fact that they are small enough to easily fit in my carry on luggage so I do not have to check them and worry about whether they will arrive at my destination.  Thank you for designing such a fantastic product.”
Ziggy “I tried them last week while vacationing in Florida and they do work great!!! Less kicking and no leg cramps !! A few kicks and I was gliding along…felt like I didn’t even have flippers on !! Real comfortable, easy to remove to get back on the boat plus I got great stares and inquiries as to where I got them.!”
From Paula K “Hi, I need to let you know how much your Delfins (Whip Fins( have boosted my enjoyment of Scuba Diving. As a older female new diver (58yrs OW 6/2010), I had tried a number of fins but each type caused/allowed me to experience severe leg cramps during my dives. When diving in low vis I would be unable to take the time to relieve the cramps for fear of loosing my buddy. Sometimes my calf and above-the-knee muscles would remain tender for days. Since finding your fins I have 99% LESS CRAMPS! That's an enormous relief and I've been telling everyone everywhere.

My swimming speed has also benefited because these fins seem to cut the water so much better. I can maneuver more precisely too! Because of the efficiency I seem to return to the boat with more air remaining than anyone else. So far I've used these in 56F water in Lake Superior, and 80F water in the Caribbean. Another benefit I've noticed is that you can walk to the boat's exit much easier because these are not as likely to trip you.

So please use this note to promote these fins to the World! They're the best. Thanks for designing these!

PS: Your customer service is first-class too! “
From Greg Adams Diving Instructor “I was at DEMA and missed the drawing for the fins. I ended up buying four sets, for myself and my dive masters. What an excellent investment. I love these fins. They have great power and are very easy to kick with. I highly recommend them to any sport diver.”
From Ed Edward Golembe, MD Medical Director, Hyperbaric & Wound Healing Center ”There is a short learning curve. I would describe it as learning to have ‘loose ankles.’ (This is part of whip kicking.) I can't comment on how they might perform in a good current, simply because we didn't have any appreciable current. Certainly for the small size of the fins, the thrust was excellent. The most impressive aspect, however, may be the superb maneuverability. With the Delfins, sharp turns were a breeze and I learned how to "back-peddle" with them. The fins are quite comfortable but if there is anything that, I believe, would make the fins more comfortable it would be an open foot pocket. (I know that this on your high-end fin). All-in-all, I found the Delfins to be very efficient and a pleasure to travel with. In addition, the "cool" factor is fun and some of the other divers commented on their observed maneuverability, as I swam with them. Very best,”

From Dawn G. “The fins were amazing!!! I tried them in the pool at home first and was so busy didn't have a chance to let you know what a significant difference I DRAG! Anyway I just got back last night at 11:00 pm and the fins were really fabulous. The captain of the boat I was on marveled on how I could wear them with ease up and down the ladder. I will continue to tell everyone I know about them. “